Working with Agents

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Working with Agents

As university presses become ever more capable as trade book publishers, they find themselves dealing more frequently with agents. Agents, for their part, are increasingly receptive to university presses. What is the role of agents in scholarly publishing today? What are the challenges of negotiating a contract with an agent? What should a press do when an author it has nurtured "graduates" to securing an agent? In this session, acquisitions editors and a veteran agent will share advice on working together.

Moderator: Peter Dougherty, Director, Princeton University Press Panelists: William P. Germano, Cooper Union; Christie Henry, Executive Editor, Universtiy of Chicago Press; Ed Knappman, New England Publishing Associates; Leslie Mitchner, Associate Director, Rutgers University Press

Who should attend: directors, editorial directors, acquisitions, contracts

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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