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Why Exhibit?

Is an exhibit at an academic meeting a tool for acquisitions, marketing, or sales—or a bit of each? Are they just an avenue for you to fly your flag and nothing more? Are exhibits worth the cost? If so, are they best staffed by marketing or acquisitions, and which department's budget should cover the costs? Do you need to buy ad space in the society's program? How do you get a booth that is not located in the bleachers, or surrounded by vendors away from other publishers?

Moderator: Carrie Olivia Adams, Exhibits & Paperback Promotions Manager, University of Chicago Press

Panelist: Richard W. Morrison, Executive Editor, University of Minnesota Press; Lauren West, Director of Meetings & Conferences, American Political Science Association; Ramon Smith, Academic Exhibits Coordinator, University of California Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the plenary below.

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