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The Typology of Trade Publishing

University presses publish a wide variety of books, including national trade, regional trade, and trade reference titles. This session will explore what's behind a trade list: how we plan for and find these books, how we develop them, and how we publish them successfully. Along the way, panelists will weigh risks and rewards and will address the role of trade publishing in their press's mission.

Moderator: Kate Torrey, Director, University of North Carolina Press

Panelists: Blake Edgar, Sponsoring Editor, University of California Press; Susan Wallace Boehmer, Executive Editor for Trade Book Development, Harvard University Press; Ranjit Arab, Publicity Manager, University Press of Kansas

Who should attend: directors, editorial, and marketing

Note: This session strongly complements 'Why Developmental Editing

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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