Selling to Libraries II

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Selling to Libraries II

Although academic libraries' book purchasing budgets have shrunk in recent years, often their budgets for acquiring electronic materials have grown. How can university presses best take advantage of this development? What types of electronic content are libraries looking for, and how do they acquire it? What can book programs learn about e-publishing from journals, especially with regard to subscription-based selling of electronic materials? The panelists will grapple with these and other questions as they offer a state-of-the-art/models for the future look at the evolving relationships between presses and libraries.

Moderator: Nancy Bryan, Assistant Marketing Manager, University of Texas Press

Panelists: Dennis Dillon, Associate Director for Research Services, University of Texas at Austin Libraries; Mary Rose Muccie, Director of Project MUSE, Johns Hopkins University Press

Who should attend: directors, sales and marketing personnel, acquisitions editors

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