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Boilerplate Questions for an Author Interviews Concerning Their Books

1. Tell us what your book, "[title]," is about, how it approaches its subject, and what it covers.

2. Have you always been obsessed with [the subject]? When did you start studying [the subject] and what makes this study so compelling to you?

3. Tell us about something that was really surprising or came completely out of left field for you.

4. If there is a particular tone or perspective taken, talk about the role of this approach and what you wish to achieve.

Look at the book itself and ask more specific questions from the point of view of a fairly intelligent reader:

Ex. "You mention that medieval tapestries often average 500 stitches per inch, but that nowadays a contemporary tapestry rarely averages over 250 stitches. Why would that be given the rise and influence of technology over the last few centuries?"

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