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Boilerplate Questions for an Author Bio

1. State your name and where you were born and raised.

2. Where did you grow up and what do you think were your influences?

-talk about parents, teachers, other influences, etc.; if you have a philosophy you developed say how you came to adopt it, say what it was with quotes over pictures of the influencers

3. Why are you an expert?

4. Why is this subject important to you?

- begin with an example – ex. When I was just a kid, my mother used to read me poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, which are so wonderful and evocative at conveying the transformative power of poetry!"

- “Poetry transports you! So important to the spiritual/psychological heal and balance . . .

- “Nothing like turning the pages of a book!”

- continue the journey—“when I got to college, I found . . .

5. Tell us some stories about some disappointments or challenges you’ve faced.

- Should include how choices lead ultimately to a “good place” where the person is now.

- Use news events photos, images to show the world changing.

6. If you could tell the world one thing people should do, what would that be?

- Advocate from your core. Ex. “If there was one thing I would tell people, it woiuld be to share stories with their children. There is no greater joy than that.”

7. What is the one thing you hope your audiences “take away?”

- with the feeling that “you have the ability to plant seeds and change the world.”

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