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PDFs; XML; digital proofs; who does the scanning; color profiling, acquiring a press footprint; color management between the pre-press and the printer; should we go with one stop shopping or use one supplier for the color pre-press and a second for the presswork, and how do they inter-face; do we handle pre-press domestically and print offshore? A myriad of questions with the potential for myriad problems can be the result from going the wrong route. This session will help explain the current challenges and provide solutions to help a design and production person towards a successful solution

Moderator: John Cronin, Design & Production Manager, Johns Hopkins University Press Panelists: Brad Schmidt, Pre-press Technical Manager, Friesens; Dan Waters, Sales Executive, Embassy Graphics; Mark Witman, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliance, Aptara Corporation

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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