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Peer Review: Present Realities and Future Possibilities

Prominent in any account of the "valued added" by university presses is the benefit of rigorous peer review. But how well do our procedures for peer review work today? Have they been compromised by financial pressures, competition among presses, and other factors? Do peer review procedures vary significantly among AAUP member presses? How viable are new models of peer review envisioned by advocates of electronic platforms for book publication? This panel will explore how peer review has changed, how it has stayed the same, and how it may change yet again.

Moderator: Leslie Mitchner, Editorial Director, Rutgers University Press

Panelists: Alan Harvey, Stanford University Press; Sheila Levine, University of California Press; Alan Thomas, Editorial Director, University of Chicago Press Press

Who should attend: directors, editorial directors, acquisition editors

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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