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== Who Are Our Customers ==
== Who Are Our Customers ==

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Who Are Our Customers

Authors often insist that a broad range of individuals in a variety of fields will want to purchase their books, but does that really happen? Sales reps present our catalogs to buyers in face-to-face meetings, but initial purchases appear to be shrinking, even from our best retail accounts. Knowing our audience influences everything from print run to pricing. Representatives from our core audiences - bookstores, media, and academia will discuss shifts in the scholarly marketplace to help us determine just who are our customers now and how we can retain and even increase this audience.

Moderator: Melissanne Scheld, Associate Director, Trade Sales and Marketing, Cambridge University Press

Panelists: Lara Frohlich Anderson, New York Review of Books; Megan Sullivan, Harvard Book Store; Elsbeth Heaman, Professor of History, McGill University

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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