Managing Author Expectations

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Managing Author Expectations

"I already rewrote my manuscript to satisfy the peer reviewers; why is this copyeditor trying to pick it apart?" "I'm thinking a quarter-page ad in the New York Times Book Review." "My nephew did this painting that would be great for the cover. " "General readers will be interested in this book, and I also expect it to be adopted in a lot of undergraduate and graduate-level history classes." How can we nurture realistic expectations and head off unrealistic ones without alienating authors? How do we resolve conflicts that arise?

Moderator: Kathleen Szawiola Design and Production Manager, Univeristy of Nevada Press Panelists: Jane Bunker, Editor-in-Chief, SUNY Press and Becky Brasington Clark, Marketing Director, Books Division, Johns Hopkins University Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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