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Google, Books, and Discovery

Now that Microsoft has thrown in the towel on book search, Google Book Search (GBS) is the main game in town for discovering scholarly monograph content online. 80% of UPs have books up in GBS, and increasingly, Book Search is being integrated into Google's "organic search." Given these realities, how can UPs take better advantage of the opportunities available? More importantly, what do we as publishers want to see, as GBS evolves? This interactive session (we will have a short presentation, then engage respondents and audience members) will have two goals: to understand how GBS could be used more effectively, and to help Google improve its book discovery and publisher services, to help us drive more sales.

Moderator: Michael Jensen, Director of Strategic Web Communications, National Academies Press

Panelist: Chris Palma, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google Book Search Who should attend: marketing, sales, IT

Technical level: all

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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