Extending the Unique Michigan Experience: Local UPs Working Together

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Saturday, June 20 — 1:45-3:00 pm

Facilitators: Emily Nowak, Marketing & Sales Director, Wayne State; Julie Reaume, Marketing & Sales Director, Michigan State University Press; Renee Tambeau, Marketing, Sales & Outreach Director, University of Michigan Press/Michigan Publishing

Many locally adjacent university presses have areas where there is overlap, giving an opportunity for collaboration and cross pollination of ideas. In Michigan, we have three university presses—all within driving distance from each other. Starting in 2014, we began to have quarterly meetings to "do more with less" and pool our resources. We would like to discuss our experiences with the AAUP community, and facilitate a workshop for other presses to strategize ways to work together. Through discussion, we would work to identify commonality and opportunities—whether it is publishing in common disciplines, being in close geographic proximity, or having shared authors. We would also like to invite our colleagues from Texas, who are doing similar endeavors, to participate.

Suggested Collaborators: Presses that share similar subject areas, i.e., regional books, and are looking for a way to share experiences and expenses.

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