Death of the Book Review

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Death of the Book Review

Recently there have been a spate of articles, essays, blogs, and panels lamenting the shrinking coverage given to book reviews in the mainstream media, especially newspaper book review sections. But have reports of the book review's death been overstated? Newspaper coverage may have shrunk, but how many university press publicists were relying primarily upon newspapers to spread word about a new book's publication? Are other publicity venues—journals, blogs, off-the-book-page coverage—shrinking or expanding? Panelists will offer an assessment of the current difficulties involved in attaining publicity coverage and offer suggestions for success.

Moderator: Colleen Lanick, Publicity Manager, The MIT Press

Panelists: Barbara Briggs, Publicity and SubRights Manager, UPNE; Michael Baron, Assistant Sales Manager, Cambridge University Press; Mark Heineke, Promotion Director, University of Chicago Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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