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Welcome to AAUPWiki, the web site for AAUP members—scholarly publishers— to record through an easy-to-use interface their written knowledge and recommendations on scholarly publishing issues, strategies, innovations, and lessons learned. The goal of this wiki is to be a living encyclopedia of best practices in scholarly publishing. This site is maintained by AAUP members like you. Also check out the AAUP Weblog.

Wiki Basics


AAUP Conference Knowledge

Annual Meetings

AAUP 2008 Annual Meeting AAUP 2007 Annual Meeting AAUP 2006 Annual Meeting

Managers Meetings and Workshops

2008 Acquisitions Workshop AAUP 2008 Production & Design Managers' Meeting AAUP 2006 Electronic Publishing Workshop

The Web

Web BasicsUniversity Press BlogsAcademic Blogs Search Web Marketing Web Technology Current Thinking on the Web Web LessonsNetworked BooksThe Web on the Web


The AAUP Business Handbook

Part One: AAUP Industry Standards

Royalty Accounting & Systems

Part Two: Accounting, Budgeting & Financial Management

Chart of AccountsLong Term Financial PlanningThe Operating BudgetProforma Financial StatementsThe Production BudgetHidden LiabilitiesTitle BudgetsAudits & AuditorsReserves & AllowancesCapital Needs & Financial Accountability of UPsAccounts ReceivableProjecting Cash NeedsInventory ManagementRisk Management & InsuranceTaxesExhibits and Sales TaxDistribution Agreements

Part Three: Managing Operations

Order Fulfillment Computer Systems for PublishersComputer SecurityIndependent Contractor and the PressKeeping Credit and Collections ManageableContracting for Outside FulfillmentWarehouse Operations

Part Four: Interdepartmental Aspects of Financial Management

Hiring and Evaluating Sales RepresentativesDirect Response MailCopublication: Buying and Selling RightsPermissionsSubsidiary Rights: Selling to Book ClubsExamination Copy Policy

Part Five: Journals

Introduction to the Journals SectionJournals Subscription RevenuesJournals Nonsubscription RevenuesJournals Expense CategoriesAllocation of Overhead Costs in Journal ProgramsRelationships with Journal EditorsTypes of Publishing Arrangements and ContractsFinancial Arrangements between Books and JournalsSMS Text Dating

Part Six: General Management

Press BoardsFinancial Strategies for Coping with RecessionAAUP Compensation Survey: An OverviewA Primer on University Presses

Part Seven: References

Glossary of Publishing TermsPublishing Business Reference Materials

Part Eight: Related Articles

Book Publishing Accounting: Some Basic Concepts

Other Finance Resources

Online Shopping CartsFinance & Accounting Technology for Small BusinessesOpen Forum[1] [2] Debt Help Quiz

Editing and Acquisitions

Book Ideas Forum Editorial Procedures

Marketing and Sales

Electronic Marketing Advertising Publicity Sales Exhibits [3]

Design and Art

Design Tips Design Blogs InDesign Tips and Tricks [4]

Production and Printing

Production Editor/Controller Tasks

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