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Welcome to AAUPWiki, the web site for AAUP members—scholarly publishers— to record through an easy-to-use interface their written knowledge and recommendations on scholarly publishing issues, strategies, innovations, and lessons learned. The goal of this wiki is to be a living encyclopedia of best practices in scholarly publishing. This site is maintained by AAUP members like you. Also check out the [http://aaup.princeton.edu/wordpress/ AAUP Weblog].
'''Wiki Basics'''
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* [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_ Customizing the interface]
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====Managers Meetings and Workshops====
[[2008 Acquisitions | 2008 Acquisitions Workshop]] • [[AAUP 2008 Production & Design Managers' Meeting | AAUP 2008 Production & Design Managers' Meeting]] • [[AAUP 2006 Electronic Publishing Workshop | AAUP 2006 Electronic Publishing Workshop]]
===AAUP Business Handbook===
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===Rich Media and Digital Video===
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===Editing and Acquisitions===
[[Book Ideas Forum | Book Ideas Forum]] • [[editorial_procedures | Editorial Procedures]] • [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfOiYCKtpIg Inside Duke Press: Ken Wissoker talks about the job of an Acquisitions Editor]
===Design and Art===
[[Design Tips | Design Tips]] • [[Design Blogs | Design Blogs]] • [[InDesign_tips | InDesign Tips and Tricks]]
===Production and Printing===
[[Production Editor Tasks | Production Editor/Controller Tasks]]  • [[Learning XML | Learning XML]]

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