Beyond the Shopping Cart

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Beyond the Shopping Cart

Many university presses now sell books through their web sites, but a press's web presence can include much more than sales. Presses can use the web to raise their profiles, to communicate their mission and editorial program, to guide authors through the publishing process, to publicize author events and reviews, to showcase the press's marketing to prospective authors, and to connect readers and authors, through information pages, blogs, podcasts and vodcasts, promotional e-mails and newsletters, RSS feeds, reciprocal linking, etc. What new efforts and experiments are under way, and what have presses learned from their efforts to date? Who at a press is responsible for web presence, and how can we measure the success of our efforts?

Moderator: Daniel Lee, Manager of Digital Publishing, Yale University Press

Panelists: Chuck Creesy, Princeton University Press; Pat Hoefling, Director of Sales and Marketing, Indiana University Press; Jake Furbush, Internet Marketing Manager, MIT Press; Brett Hopp, Information Systems Specialist, New York University Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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