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Making Things Better with XML

Publishers considering XML are often wary of it, assuming that it adds cost and complication to the workflow, and are unsure what its benefits are. In this session, Bill Kasdorf will address the mistakes most publishers make in implementing XML and will show how XML can actually streamline editorial and production workflows, even when using Word and InDesign. Then Seth Shearer from Mark Logic will show how university presses are leveraging their XML to create new products, new revenue streams, and new value from their book and journal content. Thane Kerner from Silverchair will discuss how adding semantic information to your XML—from simple keywords to controlled vocabularies to structured taxonomies—can make content dramatically more discoverable, more useful, and more valuable. And finally, Lynn Leith from the DAISY Consortium will discuss how XML—especially using the DTBook XML model that has recently been incorporated into the EPUB e-book standard and is being implemented in core tools like Word and InDesign—can be used to make your content more accessible and valuable, not only to meet the needs of print-disabled users, but to make it better for ALL users.

Chair: Bill Kasdorf, Vice President, Apex Content Solutions

Speakers: Bill Kasdorf, VP, Apex; Seth Shearer, Senior Technical Consultant, Mark Logic Corp.; Thane Kerner, CEO, Silverchair; Lynn Leith, Head of Information Services and Administrative Support, DAISY Consortium

Who should attend: all interested staff

Technical level: all

Presentations: Bill Kasdorf, The Next Wave of Content Technology: Semantic XML; Thane Kerner, Making XML Work: Seven Reasons Why It Doesn't and Ten Ways to Make Sure It Does; Lynn Leith, DAISY XML: Not Just Accessible

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