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== Blog Webliographies / Directories==
== Blog Webliographies / Directories==

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Blog Webliographies / Directories

The Academic Blog Portal A wiki that tracks the "invisible college" that is the universe of academic blogs

Crooked Timber

Cliopatria's Appendices

Science Blogs

Technorati's List of Academic Blogs

del.icio.us Social bookmarking tool

Connotea Connotea is a social bookmarking tool for scientists.

Blogs From Inside Academe


grand Text auto

The Little Professor Victorian studies

Headlines on Academic Blogging

Can Blogging Derail Your Career? The Lessons of Juan Cole
SIVA VAIDHYANATHAN, The Chronicle Review, July 28, 2006
There has never been a better time to be a public intellectual, and the Web is the big reason why. Juan Cole is exhibit No. 1

The Politics of Academic Appointments
Glenn Reynolds, The Chronicle Review, Jul 28, 2006
Bloggers Daniel W. Drezner and Jacob T. Levy were recently denied tenure at the University of Chicago, and it was widely thought to be because of their blogging.

The Attention Blogs Bring
Michael Berube, The Chronicle Review, Jul 28, 2006
Juan Cole's blogging may, indeed, have cost him a job at Yale.

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