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Happy Wheels - Street racing games like Happy Wheels and other games are specifically attractive to young people since they enable players to make car tricks which seem too impossible but without the danger of having an injury. Many game designers have made plenty of games about racing for young people who are interested in these kinds of games. They don’t have to drive cars in real life but they can still experience the thrill and enjoyment of racing cars, screeching tires and winning races without even going out of their rooms.
Going back to the first racing car games, more and more games have [http://www.9vr.com Happy Wheels Total] been modified from simple concepts and backgrounds to more modern settings and more realistic backgrounds. Playing these games would feel like racing a car in real life! You will get to choose your own car model, drive through various landscapes, choose competition types and compete against other online players.
You can also join virtual races and participate in action driving games which also involve other activities such as shooting enemies and more. There are also other racing car games which involve quick thinking and strategies. Racing games have never been this fun!

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