AAUP 2014 Annual Meeting

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Check out the AAUP 2014 Slideshare account for easy access to shared presentations. Our Vimeo channel will also host a selection of recorded sessions.

Sessions with presentation files have been marked with an asterisk *

Sunday, June 22

8:30 am-12:00 pm

Pre-Meeting Workshop: Publishing Open and Affordable Textbooks

9:00 am-1:00 pm

Pre-Meeting Workshop: Measuring Your Marketing

1:00-4:30 pm

Pre-Meeting Workshop: Advice for Ebooks

1:00-5:00 pm

Pre-Meeting Workshop: Journals Now

12:30-4:30 pm

AAUP Press Directors Meeting

4:30-5:00 pm

AAUP Business Meeting

7:00-9:00 pm Opening Banquet and AAUP Constituency Award

Featured Speaker: John Biguenet, Robert Hunter Distinguished University Professor at Loyola University, New Orleans

Monday, June 23

9:00-10:15 am Plenary 1

Not Just Open Access *

10:45 am-12:00 pm Concurrent Sessions

Experiments in Free and Freemium

The Birth and Death of Lists: Changing the Shape of a Press *

State of the Nation(s): Facing Challenges Posed by International Open Access Mandates *

Enhancing Production through Workflow Systems

Acquisitions and Rights Revenue

Washington Report: Comprehensive Copyright Reform

12:00-1:30 pm Lunch with Valedictory Presidential Address

Speaker: Philip Cercone, AAUP President and Director of McGill-Queen's University Press

1:45-3:00 pm Concurrent Sessions

Metadata Standards for Books, Journals, and Digital Publications

Librarians Speak ... About Journals

Experimental Formats and Models (or, Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Redux)

Audiences and Analytics: Data for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Alone or Part of a Crowd? The Future of Manuscript Editing Departments

Publishing the First Book in the Age of Open Access Dissertations: A Roundtable Discussion

3:30-4:45 pm Concurrent Sessions

Making an Impact on Learning with Textbooks and Course Materials

Working with Book Packagers: New Models of Vendors and Services

What Are Libraries Doing as Publishers?

Altmetrics and Social Media: Beyond the Impact Factor *

Researchers' Panel: What Scholars Look for When They Look for Scholarship

5:00-6:15 pm Concurrent Sessions

Publishing in the Digital Humanities

Open Access: Success and Sustainability *

Analyzing University Press Sales

Worst Book I Ever Acquired

Manuscript Editors Roundtable

Book, Jacket, and Journal Show

Tuesday, June 24

9:00-10:15 am Concurrent Sessions

Metadata and Discoverability: What You Need to Know Now

Building Your Book from the Ground Up

The Legacy of Print and the Digital Future: The Future of Content Delivery in the Research and Teaching Environment

A Seat at the Table: Navigating University Structures for Fun and Profit

PressxPress: New Directions in Collaborative Marketing

10:45 am-12:30 pm Plenary 2

Reimagining the AAUP: Evolutionary and Revolutionary Opportunities

12:30-1:30 pm Lunch

1:45-3:00 pm Concurrent Sessions

Adobe InCopy: An Overview

Managing the Modern Press *

Baby Steps: The Care and Feeding of First-Time Authors (and Revised Dissertations)

Editorial Office Challenges

What's New at Indie Bookstores

3:30-4:45 pm Concurrent Sessions

AAUP Town Hall: The Revolution will be Subsidized

Collaborative Content Strategies: Projects that Work


Raising a Press's Profile on a Multi-Publisher Platform

Data Management Systems

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