AAUP 2006 Main Conference

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Friday, June 16


Plenary: Changing Systems of Scholarly Communication

Concurrent Sessions 10:45-12:00

Books and Journals Collaborate and Innovate: Content Development

Challenge Grants and Other Funding Opportunities

Digital Publishing in the University Press Mission, Part I: In-House Players

Hire the Author! Putting the Author to Work for You

Managing Editors' Roundtable: Part I

Science Book Publishing

Concurrent Sessions 1:45-3:00 pm

Building Blocks of Fundraising

Digital Publishing in the University Press Mission, Part II: Outside Players

Financial Statements Are for Everyone

Rethinking Your Web Site

Revenue Generators, Part I: Acquiring Regional and Reference Books

Saturday, June 17

Concurrent Sessions 10:45-12:00

Book, Jacket, and Journal Show, Part I: Review of the Books Selected

Planning Long Term and Budgeting Short Term

Press Public Relations

Ultra Short Run Reprints: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Concurrent Sessions 1:45-3:00

Book, Jacket, and Journal Show, Part II: Review of the Jackets/Covers Selected

Diversifying and Focusing Your List

Copyright Interests: What Does the Future Hold?

Discovering Content

Sales Reps and Sales Conferences: Improving Process and Performance

Stories from the Pits: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned

Concurrent Sessions 3:30-4:45

Revenue Generators Part II: The Role of Sales and Marketing

Copyright in Practice: Rights Issues in the Trenches

Digital Imaging Instructinos: How Do We Get What We Want?

Print Run Decisions: So Many Variables, So Little Certainty

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding? Building and Sustaining Staff Morale

The "Bottom Line": How We Define, Evaluate, and Communicate Success

Focus Sessions 5:00-6:00

AAUP Strategic Plan Presentation: Part II

The Jacket and Cover Show Judges Discuss Their Own Work

The Future of Books in the Classroom

Managing Editors' Roundtable, Part II

Brave New Mission: Rethinking and Rewriting the Mission Statement

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