AAUP 2001 Annual Meeting

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Reports from several AAUP 2001 (Toronto) sessions were provided by presenters or attendees and have now been collected in the AAUPWiki shared knowledge resource.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines: The Eternal Struggle
A Summary prepared by panelist Jennifer Reichlin, Managing Editor, University of Georgia Press

Growing Assistants into Editors: Service Industry or Professional Track?
A Personal Evaluation by Tim Holsopple, Editorial Assistant, Penn State University Press

Why Design is Important: Five Designers Speak to Non-Designers
A Report from Panel Chair Robert Tombs, Senior Designer, Cornell University Press

Launching a Book
A Report from Panel Chair Craig Gill, Editor-in-Chief, University Press of Mississippi

Monday Morning Live: Management Strategies
A Report from attendee Matthew Brand, Program Assistant, AAUP

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