2014 Worst Book I Ever Acquired

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"The Best Book I Ever Acquired" has long been a staple of the annual meeting program. But what happens when you flip this session, operating from the premise that failure is often a more effective teacher than success? Panelists will discuss which of their book projects failed spectacularly and why. They will also examine the more general lessons and common danger patterns that can be gleaned from these experiences. In addition to acquiring editors, the session will include panelists from other departments, who will address the issue of books that are unproblematic in acquisitions but that end up having serious financial and staff time costs as the book enters the workflow of other departments. Individuals in acquisitions, administration, business, marketing, and other departments will benefit from this frank discussion of the perennial "problem children" on our lists—and how to spot and avoid them.

Chair: Leila W. Salisbury, Director, University Press of Mississippi

Panelists: Doug Armato, Director, University of Minnesota Press

Michael Roux, Marketing Manager, University of Illinois Press

Erik Smist, Director of Finance and Administration, Johns Hopkins University Press

Eric Zinner, Assistant Director & Editor-in-Chief, New York University Press

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