2014 The Birth and Death of Lists: Changing the Shape of a Press

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Most presses choose to focus their programs on building lists in a few carefully selected areas. Presses start new lists with the hope of finding new revenue and intellectual glory and close old lists that no longer are performing as desired. These changes are often made when long established editors leave or when new editors with experience acquiring in an area join the press. What factors should a press consider when it is deciding to open a new list? What are the costs of beginning a new program? What happens when a press decides to shut down a list? What factors go into that decision? What are the costs of closing a publishing program? This panel will discuss the birth and death of publishing lists, with the purpose of better understanding these critical decisions.

Chair: Charles Myers, Director, University Press of Kansas

Panelists: Christie Henry, Editorial Director, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Reference, University of Chicago Press

Frederic Nachbauer, Director, Fordham University Press

Eric Schwartz, Sociology and Cognitive Sciences Editor, Princeton University Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files. Find out how.

"Regreening Lists", Christie Henry


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