2014 Metadata Standards for Books, Journals, and Digital Publications

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Congratulations, you finally understand ONIX! Now comes the hard part. Rapidly changing metadata standards are raising new questions and forcing publishers to rethink answers to old ones. How do we uniquely identify an author? A series of books, a single book, or a chapter within a book? A journal article? Can the same standards apply to libraries, wholesalers, retailers, and aggregators? Which standards are "safe" to use and which are still evolving? Join a panel of experts to explore the answers.

Chair: Bob Oeste, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Johns Hopkins University Press

Panelists: Rebecca Albani, Publisher Relations Manager, Bowker

Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

Carol Anne Meyer Business Development and Marketing, CrossRef

Julie Morris, Project Manager, Standards & Best Practices, Book Industry Study Group

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files. Find out how.


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