2013 Your Title Management System: Buy It or Build It?

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Formerly known as the "presswide database," today's Title Management System (TMS) is an essential tool for publishers of all sizes. Tracking a book project on its journey from a gleam in the editor's eye through editing, production, marketing, and rights management, your TMS keeps information at the fingertips of those who need it, secure from those who don't, and discoverable by those who don't yet know it's there. This panel explores the pros and cons of building and maintaining your own TMS in-house versus buying or licensing a commercially available product. Representatives from both sides of the divide square off to argue the case for their respective solutions, and some who moved from one side to the other explain how and why they made the change. Systems to be discussed include Virtusales, Firebrand, and custom-built solutions.

Chair: Bob Oeste, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Johns Hopkins University Press

Panelists: Chris Cosner, IT Manager, Stanford University Press

Neil Litt, Director of EDP, Princeton University Press

Dennis Lloyd, Deputy Director, University Press of Florida

Alice Randel Pfeiffer, Director, Syracuse University Press

Bonnie Russell, Technical Project Manager, Wayne State University Press

Elizabeth Scarpelli, Assistant Press Director & Sales and Marketing Director, Rutgers University Press

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"The Case for Buying a Title Management Database", Bonnie Russell


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