2013 What's Next in Digital Publishing: HTML5, EPUB3, and Beyond

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EPUB3 and HTML5 are the newest specifications in industry standards designed to support electronic publications and web browsers, respectively. Together, they offer new promise and attributes for publishers working to develop robust digital publications while maintaining traditional standards. This session brings together technology and standards specialists to review the nuts and bolts of the substantially revised specs: their attributes, how they differ from earlier iterations, their potential to create more technically enhanced ebooks and products, and how device manufacturers and digital content vendors are likely to respond. Also, how will existing digital publications made to earlier specifications function as the digital space and marketplace evolve?

Chair: Marguerite Avery, Acquisitions Editor, MIT Press

Panelists: Krista Coulsen, Digital Publishing Manager, University of Chicago Press

Liza Daly, Vice President of Engineering, Safari Books

Shana Kimball, Head of Publishing Services, Outreach & Strategic Development, MPublishing/University of Michigan Library

Nettie Lagace, Associate Director for Programs, NISO

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