2013 Plenary 1: Three Big Ideas in Publishing

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This opening plenary should stimulate our thinking in broad terms by introducing concepts in the realms of copyright, public intellectuals, and innovative business thinking, respectively, beyond the nuts-and-bolts we will be discussing in the days ahead.

Host: Lisa Bayer, University of Georgia Press

Panelists: Jacqueline C. Charlesworth, Senior Counsel to the US Register of Copyrights

Jill Lepore, David Woods Kemper '41 Professor of American History at Harvard College, Chair of Harvard's History and Literature Program, and Staff Writer at The New Yorker

Michael Schrage, Research Fellow at MIT Sloan School's Center for Digital Business and Imperial College (London) Business School, Author of Serious Play: How the World's Best Companies Simulate to Innovate and Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files. Find out how.


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