2013 Getting the Message Across: How UP Staff Can Convey our Mission to the Scholarly Communication Community

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Ever feel like other folks on your campus don't understand what your press does, why it exists, why it needs money if it sells books, or why it takes money at all if information wants to be free? Ever try to explain the differences between university presses and commercial presses? The scholarly communications ecosystem in general? How peer review works and how your press board makes decisions? Why scholarly books require marketing? The basics of digital publishing? Why publishing the manuscript written by the mother of a member of the university board of trustees might not be a great idea (but giving her advice about her options is)? How a university press can help lower student costs? Representatives from different departments within a press will relate how they describe their press's mission and their own role in it both within and outside their home university so that you, too, can help spread the word about what your press does.

Chair: Alex Holzman, Director, Temple University Press

Panelists: Becky Brasington Clark, Marketing Director, Johns Hopkins University Press

Susan Doerr, Operations Manager, University of Minnesota Press

Leila Salisbury, Director, University Press of Mississippi

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files. Find out how.


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