2012 The Lifecycle of an App: Designing, Developing, and Marketing Content for Apps

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Tablets devices like the Apple iPad rekindle our tactile experience with reading that went missing when print books went digital. Once again we can experience the material, albeit it in different ways. These tablets allow for the integration of a host of content once considered ancillary and relegated to a distant webpage promising a more synthetic experience. And this promises to change how we think about the book and its elements. This panel features a range of experiences from acquisitions editors, designers, developers, and marketing. Participants will hear about such fascinating projects as Gems and Jewels and E.O. Wilson’s interactive Life on Earth. The panelists will also discuss strategies for app development, designing apps that preserve the beauty of the book in a digital environment, data visualization, and the marketing of apps. Attendees will be presented with a summary of the current state of the tablet market as pertaining to university presses as well as a primer of terms on tablet projects. Although the particulars are focused on the iPad, the majority of this applies to other platforms.

Chair: Marguerite Avery, Senior Acquisitions Editor, MIT Press

Panelists: Christie Henry, Editorial Director for Sciences and Social Sciences, The University of Chicago Press

Gaël McGill, President & CEO of Digizyme and Director of Molecular Visualization at Harvard Medical School

John Bonadies, Principal and Creative Director of Bonadies Creative Inc., and Co-Founder and President of mpress Interactive, LLC

Ellen Gibson, Senior Promotions Manager for Reference, Regional, and Special Projects, University of Chicago Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files--find out how.


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