2012 Prepress for Designers

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"Everything looked great on my screen, so why did it come out so different on press?" Designers are often mystified by the many considerations that must be made when prepping a book to go to press. Reproducing images properly can be particularly tricky as each press and each paper type can have its own guidelines to follow when prepping images. Learn about industry standards in color calibration and the best practices for designers to follow. Learn how to use printer-provided ICC profiles to best match the colors on your monitor with the colors that will come out on press. Learn how things like ink density and dot gain affect image output and what you can do about it. Learn how to speak the same language as your prepress shop to best ensure that the adjustments and changes that you specify at the proofing stage are implemented the way you want them to be.

Chair: Gary Hawkey, iocolor

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files--find out how.


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