2012 Pre-Meeting Workshop: Regional Publishing

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Regional publishing has long been a key component of university publishers' lists. This day-long workshop will focus on regional trade in a variety of ways and look at a number of traditional and innovative initiatives.


• Building a Big Book

What makes a great regional trade title? This session will address that question from the perspective of both acquisitions and marketing. A successful regional trade book combines topic, audience, and author participation; but for any given title, acquisitions and marketing may have differing ideas about those elements. How can acquisitions and marketing work together most effectively to build a cohesive and successful regional list?

• Peer Review for Regional Trade

Unlike scholarly monographs, regional trade titles can and do have different types of peer review. This session will discuss best practices for peer review of regional trade titles. What sort of feedback is most helpful from peer reviewers of the regional list? Should certain regional books be exempted from peer review?

• Fundraising and the Regional List

Regional trade titles demonstrate a press's commitment to its community; they also can be useful from a fundraising perspective, both as a way to showcase the work of a press to donors and for attracting particular book subsidies. This session will explore the ins and outs of using the regional list as a fundraising tool.

• University Presses and Their Host Institutions

How does the university or sponsoring institution view the regional program of its press? How does a press find a balance between regional and scholarly lists? And what role does a press's regional list play in its relationship with its host institution, especially at public universities, which have a mission to serve the citizens of their states? How does a press's regional list help broaden its reach to the community at large?

Organizers/Speakers: Lisa Fortunato, Marketing and Publicity Director, Rutgers University Press

Alisa Plant, Acquisitions Editor, LSU Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files--find out how.


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