2012 E-Book Nuts and Bolts

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Congratulations, you’ve got e-books! Now what?Wondering how to get traction in the e-book market as a small press? Triaging e-book workflow amidst staff changes? Grappling with the time e-books require when you’ve got other work, too? These are a few of the challenges e-books bring as we begin to refine our workflows. Panelists from Rights, Marketing, and the Director’s office at three small presses will talk frankly about the e-book issues they have been grappling with and what has and has not worked for them. We are setting aside time for Q&A, so bring e-book questions you’ve been wanting to ask!

Chair: Krista Coulson, Digital Publishing Manager, The University of Chicago Press

Panelists: Laura Leichum, Intellectual Property Manager, Georgetown University Press

Alex Holzman, Director, Temple University Press

John P. Hussey, Director of Marketing and Sales, The University Press of Kentucky

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session in this section. You can also post presentation files--find out how.


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