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XML for the Rest of Us

Faced with reinventing our workflows from the ground up, how does a small press make the most of this powerful new technology? In this practical workshop designed for those unsure of how to move forward, participants will offer advice on where to start and where to turn for help. Hear from two UPs and a public-sector agency who have begun their own XML workflow implementations. The added bonus is a corporate partner who provides a tool for small- to moderately-sized publishers to help them implement an XML workflow.

Chair: Jennifer Flint, Digital Production Manager, MIT Press

Panelists: Karen Hill, Assistant Director / Digital Manager, University of Michigan Press; Adam Hartz,Production Coordinator, Duke University Press; Joe Wicentowski, State Department, Office of the Historian; Bruce Rosenblum, CEO, Inera, Inc.

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session below.

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