2010 Rethinking Library Acquisition

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Rethinking Library Acquisition: Demand-Driven Purchasing for Scholarly Books

Librarians must reconsider how they collect monographs. Traditionally, academic libraries purchase books to support their curricular and research needs, without much consideration of use. Even though 40% or more of books in most academic libraries never get used, this model makes sense in a world in which books go out of print, shelf space is available, and collection budgets are stable. But the world has changed: as publishers shift to an electronic model, books will not go out of print, libraries are under pressure to convert shelf space to study space; and libraries have fewer funds to purchase books annually. This panel will discuss approaches to demand-driven acquisition of monographs at two institutions: the University of Arizona and the University of Denver. While discussing plans being developed at these libraries, we will also look at implications for libraries in general, scholarly publishing, book vendors and academia.

Moderator: Becky Clark, Marketing Director, Johns Hopkins University Press

Panelists: Matt Nauman, Director of Publisher Relations, Blackwell; Michael Levine-Clark, Collections Librarian, University of Denver; Stephen Bosch, Materials Budget, Procurement, and Licensing Librarian, University of Arizona Library; Kim Anderson, Senior Collection Development Manager and Bibliographer, YBP Library Services

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