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Making the Flexible Book

Digitally produced books - in POD, e-book, iPad and SmartPhone applications - offer publishers the possibility of cost savings, increased distribution, and new ways to present and monetize content. But the range of reading options available can represent an exponential increase in complexity and cost for publishers who don't have a plan to maximize efficiency and flexibility oftheir content. Making the Flexible Book will explore a wide range of practices for producing cleandigital content. Panelists will discuss several approaches to production workflow with an eye to maximum efficiency and flexibility. They will explore practical and experimental perspectives, touching on digital conversion of backlist materials and current application files created just for print, "traditional" digital workflow using Word and InDesign, with an eye to downstream XML conversion, and custom solutions for publishing within a dedicated electronic and POD content delivery system.

Chair: Than Saffel, Production Coordinator and Designer, West Virginia University Press

Panelists: Don Leeper, CEO, Bookmobile; Tom Helleberg, Production Coordinator, NYU Press; Shana Kimball, Publications Manager and Interim Co-Director, University of Michigan Library, Scholarly Publishing Office; John Maxwell, Assistant Professor, Master of Publishing Program, Simon Fraser University

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