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Content and Community: Social Networking Around Content

University presses are evolving rapidly from mere print-based book developer-sellers into web-based "communities." This session will explore the nature of this evolution. What is possible with social networking and scholarly content? Who is innovating with building communities and in what ways? Who at the press will take on the role of community builder and facilitator? What skills are needed for that role? How does the vision of a UP community differ from a university's unmanned online repository? How can social networking around content further our goal of sustainability?

Moderator: Colleen Lanick, Publicity Manager, MIT Press

Panelists: Doug Sery, Senior Acquisitions Editor, MIT Press; Bob Stein, Director, Institute for the Future of the Book; Catherine Tice, Associate Publisher, The New York Review of Books; Dan Lee, Content Chief, Firebrand Technologies

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