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Acquisitions v. Marketing: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Many publishers consider conflicts between marketing and acquisitions departments to be inevitable, or even healthy. Are these antagonisms the unavoidable result of departmental differences in interests, cultures, and perspective? Are the pressures that produce them still current or are they historical leftovers from a bookstore and review-centered era with bigger advances and more at stake? Are they signs of bad management or of healthy and open organizations? If the tensions are not productive, how can presses develop and support more complementary and cooperative approaches? How involved should marketing be in acquisitions decisions and vice versa? How do we see this changing in an increasingly electronic future? These questions and others will be addressed by panelists representing both acquisitions and marketing--including some who have worked in both capacities.

Chair: Ken Wissoker, Editorial Director, Duke University Press

Panelists: Gita Manaktala, Editorial Director, MIT Press; Monica McCormick, Program Officer for Digital Scholarly Publishing, NYU Press; Leila Salisbury, Director, University Press of Mississippi; Lisa Bayer, Marketing Director, University of Illinois Press

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