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Tailoring Acquisitions to the Mission of Your Campus

Remaining an invaluable part of the university as a whole is important to university presses, especially in these trying economic times. By tailoring acquisitions to help meet the goals set by the university, a university press can garner awards and publicity that can bring more widespread recognition to the university. If your university has a regional mission, then be sure to acquire books with a regional subject matter. Seek out the top academic departments of your university, partner with them, and utilize their knowledge and stature to help the press enhance a current subject area or branch out into a new one. If your university is highly regarded for its accomplishments in certain areas (e.g., urban studies, philosophy, religious history, Chinese history, etc.), use that to your advantage to seek out important manuscripts in those areas and start racking up points with university administrators. The experts on this panel will offer suggestions for and examples of success in tailoring acquisitions to your university's mission.

Moderator: J. Alex Schwartz, Director, Northern Illinois University Press

Panelists: Steve Maikowski, Director, New York University Press; Donna Shear, Director, University of Nebraska Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session below.

If you would like your presentation file linked here, please contact Meredith Benjamin at mbenjamin at aaupnet.org or Brenna McLaughlin at bmclaughlin at aaupnet.org

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