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A Place of Sense: Publishing for the Region

What kinds of regional books work? Where do editors locate the authors who are writing them? What challenges and rewards do regional books present for sales and marketing staff? Three regional acquisitions editors each present two books they have acquired, a brave marketing whiz comments and gives a thumbs up or down to each, and sales figures (gasp!) are revealed.

Moderator: Ann Regan, Editor, Minnesota Historical Society Press

Panelists: John Byram, Associate Director & Editor-in-Chief, University Press of Florida; Micah Kleit, Senior Editor, Temple University Press; John McLeod, Marketing & Sales Director, University of Georgia Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session below.

If you would like your presentation file linked here, please contact Meredith Benjamin at mbenjamin at aaupnet.org or Brenna McLaughlin at bmclaughlin at aaupnet.org

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