2009 Plenary 4

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Plenary 4: Directions for Open Access Publishing

The movement for open access publishing, sparked by libraries’ resistance to skyrocketing prices for scientific journals, is gaining ground rapidly, moving well beyond STM journals and winning adherents among university faculties as well as librarians. Publishers, long resistant to open access, are beginning to experiment with it. The critical question, and the major stumbling block to further expansion of OA publishing is, of course, how to pay for it. If users don’t pay for content, who does? Authors? Universities? Foundations? Advertisers? This session will explore a variety of business models for open access publishing, for both books and journals, from the perspectives of publishers, librarians, and faculty.

Moderator: Lynne Withey, Director, University of California Press

Panelists: Ivy Anderson, Director, Collection Development & Management, California Digital Library; Eelco Ferwerda, Publisher, Digital Products, Amsterdam University Press & Coordinator, Open Access Publishing in European Networks; Michael Jensen, Director of Strategic Web Communications, National Academies Press; Stuart Shieber, Welch Professor of Computer Science & Director, Office for Scholarly Communication, Harvard University

View Lynne Withey's Open Access Reading List

View Ivy Anderson's presentation, Angels or Demons: The Case for a Transformative Approach to Open Access

View Stuart Shieber's presentation, Paying for Open Access

View Eelco Ferwerda's presentation, Directions for Open Access Publishing

Watch and read Michael Jensen's presentation, Scholarly Publishing in the New Era of Scarcity

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