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Plenary 3: Changes in Readers and Users: Perspectives from Librarians, Teachers, Researchers, and Students

It’s no secret that we publishers, caught up in the processes and nuances of creating our books and journals, can lose sight of how (and if) our customers are actually using them. This session will be a lively discussion that will explore the many ways in which our content is currently used in libraries, in the classroom. and by general readers.

Moderator: Garrett P. Kiely, Director, University of Chicago Press

Panelists: Anita Fore, Director of Legal Services, The Authors Guild; Beth Jacoby, Collection Development Librarian, York College of Pennsylvania; Carlin Romano, Critic-at-Large, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the session below.

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Beth Jacoby: Changes in Academic Information Usage: A Librarian's Perspective (PDF)

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