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Digital Asset Management

Sometimes the e-book market can seem like the market for poetry: the plethora of vendors and formats appears to outnumber buyers. With new reading devices, however, and a handful of established vendors that serve academic libraries, the market is sure to grow. How can presses navigate the existing channels and open up new ones? How best to establish a workflow that can take content from production through marketing to the appropriate vendor and consumer? What about those vendor agreements with their tiered pricing schedules and arcane revenue formulas? Which department should handle each stage of the process? This panel will explore whether a Digital Asset Management system, either in-house or outsourced, can help to address some of these questions.

Moderator: Mark Saunders, Assistant Director/Marketing & Sales, University of Virginia Press

Panelists: Scott Cook, Director of Technology, codeMantra; Daniel Lee, Manager of Digital Publishing, Yale University Press; Robin Moir, IT Manager, University of Minnesota Press; Tyler Ruse, VP and GM, Content Solutions, Ingram CoreSource

Who should attend: marketing, production, IT

Technical level: basic and intermediate

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