You Want It When? Scheduling Challenges in Navigating EDP Seasonal Logjams

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Saturday, June 18, 1:45–3:00 PM
Chair: Dariel Mayer, Design and Production Manager, Vanderbilt University Press
Panelists: Rob Ehle, Art Director, Stanford University Press; Nicole Hilton, XML Workflow Supervisor, University of Toronto Press; Neil Litt, Assistant Director and Director of Editing, Design, and Production, Princeton University Press

Facing potential bottlenecks several times a year is familiar terrain for EDP departments at presses of all sizes. The impact of a disproportionate number of books entering our departments at one time, generally close to season closing deadlines, begins by overloading design resources to get covers done in time for the catalog. This backlog has a natural tendency to create other bottlenecks down the line.

Solutions and resources for balancing workflow vary considerably depending on department size and press finances. In all cases, collaboration with our colleagues upstream and downstream is key and can be tricky.

Panelists will talk about what they have tried and how well different methods have worked: from basic spreadsheet scheduling and reporting, to Post-it note madness, to implementing enterprise-level solutions. Suggestions will be made for keeping EDP’s bookends (acquisitions and marketing) involved in plans for improved workflow management. Expect tears, laughter, and possibly some evangelizing.

Session Video

To watch a replay of "You Want It When? Scheduling Challenges in Navigating EDP Seasonal Logjams," please visit AAUP's Vimeo.

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