XML in Practice: Practical Strategies for Journals Programs

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Moderator: Allison Belan, Assistant Production Manager for Journals, Duke University Press

Panelists: Mark Fretz, Director of Editorial Services, Scribe; John Muenning, Manager for Publishing Technologies, University of Chicago Press

Description: Many journals programs are now in the process of or on the verge of introducing XML into the editorial-production process. This session examined the major decision points, potential pitfalls, and possible paths through an implementation. We looked at choices journals programs are making about DTDs, in-house responsibilities, and vendor relationships, as well as what editorial-production practices to consider in such an implementation. Participants included all attendees (sharing experiences with each other), a representative from a program that has tackled both in-house and outsourced implementations, and a service provider with suggestions for supporting an XML workflow in-house.

Please post outlines, notes, and/or links to presentation materials below.

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