Working Remotely

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Tuesday, June 13, 10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Chair: Greg Britton, Editorial Director, Johns Hopkins University Press
Panelists: Alisa Plant, Editor-in-Chief, University of Nebraska Press; Walter Biggins, Executive Editor, University of Georgia Press; Allyson Carter, Senior Editor, University of Arizona Press; Justin Kehoe, Assistant Acquisitions Editor, MIT Press; Linda Secondari, Creative Director and Principal, Studiolo Secondari

As university press staffs diversify and technology makes it possible, more and more employees work away from their press’s central office. This uptick in working remotely presents challenges only partly met by new technologies. What is it like to work remotely for a university press? What is it like to work with staff who aren’t in the adjoining cubicle or just down the hall? What are the benefits for a press in allowing some staff to work from home, while others maintain the central office? In a frank and spirited conversation—including some participants joining remotely—this panel promises to explore the opportunities and challenges of these new working relationships. The goal is to articulate best practices for both remote workers and their office-bound colleagues.

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