Working Effectively with Consultants

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Friday, June 17, 10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Chair: Ann Snoeyenbos, Manager, International Sales, Project MUSE
Panelists: Linda D. Cameron, Director, University of Alberta Press; Raym Crow, Managing Partner, Chain Bridge Group; Pam Harley, Senior Consultant, Clarke & Company; Darrin Pratt, Director, University Press of Colorado

Consultants offer more than just an extra pair of hands for a project—they can help you form a strategy or select a new business technology, provide insight and assistance with applying for a grant, insert perspective and objectivity into a sticky situation, and offer extra resources to think deep thoughts and crunch big numbers to help inform a decision, among many other things. Given the myriad (and unpredictable) issues universities and their presses are asked to address, the support of an “arm’s length” consultant can bring a fresh perspective, necessary expertise, and nonpartisan authority to a project, whatever it may be.

In panel format, this session will present practical insights into selecting and working with consultants, with real-world perspectives offered by both publishers and consultants. Attendees will learn how to determine whether you need a consultant, including the right and wrong reasons to hire a consultant; how to select the right consultant for your project; tactics for managing the cost of a consultant; tips for getting the most from working with a consultant; and advice on what to do when the relationship gets off track.

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