Walking the Line: Managing Journal Editor Relations in the Editorial-Production Process

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Moderator: Clydette Wantland, Journals Manager, University of Illinois Press

Panelists: Rob Dilworth, Editorial/Administrative Manager (Journals), Duke University Press; Deborah McBride, Publications Management Director, University of Chicago Press; Dan Toronto, Journals Production Editor, University of Illinois Press

Description: We’re our editors' partners—but also their vendors. The authors are the editors' “customers”—but we often interface with them directly. What leverage do we have on a day-to-day tactical basis for getting our editors and authors to meet the requirements of publishing a periodical? We discussed the role the publishing contract and the author’s publication agreement play in these relations, as well as strategies from the world of editorial and the world of production/design for successfully setting expectations and achieving results.

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Welcome to “Walking the Line: Managing Journal Editor Relations in the Editorial-Production Process.” Getting and keeping authors and editors on task and on schedule is a daily battle we all face. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a department manager, a production editor, or a managing editor -- we all deal with this issue. This panel shared some of the philosophies and tactics they use, as well as their own personal experiences that keep their publication programs achieving the desired results.

Deborah McBride, PowerPoint Presentation [1]

Deborah McBride has extensive publishing management experience in scholarly and medical publishing both in society and for-profit publishing programs. As Director of Publications Management in the journals division of the University of Chicago Press, Deb oversees the journals program ensuring that publications maximize their contribution to the discipline and revenue returns. Additionally, she maintains relationships with multiple editorial offices and oversees the transition of workflow. Deb began her publishing career at Year Book Medical Publishers and has held editorial, production, and management positions with the American Dietetic Association, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, and Society of Critical Care Medicine where she has implemented programs to increase the profitability and value of professional publications. She is active in professional organizations including having served as president of Chicago Women in Publishing.

Dan Toronto

Dan Toronto has worked in serial publishing since receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in 1999. His university press experience began in 2003 at Penn State University Press where he, among other things, served as both production editor and managing editor for three peer-reviewed journals. At the University of Illinois Press he manages production on a number of publications and is the managing editor for one journal. His accomplishments at Illinois include implementing procedures for the electronic exchange of both page proofs and copyedited manuscripts with authors. Next month marks his third full year at the press.

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