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Saturday, June 18, 10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Chair: Derek Krissoff, Director, West Virginia University Press
Panelists: Mary Elizabeth Braun, Acquisitions Editor, Oregon State University Press; Peter Dougherty, Director, Princeton University Press; Brian Halley, Senior Editor, University of Massachusetts Press; Danielle M. Kasprzak, Humanities Editor, University of Minnesota Press

This roundtable will address the value and meaning of acquisitions work in a changing publishing landscape, a topic that takes on additional urgency as university presses enter new partnerships and reporting arrangements where there may be less existing knowledge of acquiring editors’ contributions. Panelists will address changing attitudes toward gatekeeping and peer review; the role of acquiring editors in born-digital projects; opportunities for professional development and changes to the university press leadership pipeline; and the financial contribution of acquisitions work. Throughout, they will be attentive to how we balance openness to innovation in acquisitions work against the need for traditional list building.

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