University Press Week and Collaborative Advocacy

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Saturday, June 20 — 1:45-3:00 pm

Facilitators: Colleen Lanick, Publicity Manager, MIT Press and the University Press Week Committee

The University Press Week campaign provides the opportunity to leverage press networks to advocate for the value of our community’s publishing mission, and speak to a varied range of important audiences. The UP Week Task Force wants your input in planning for UP Week 2015. How can the task force help presses make the most of the week locally? How can we practically coordinate regional, national, and international advocacy efforts?

Press directors, sales, marketing, and publicity folks are encouraged to attend with the goal of helping you improve your visibility during UP Week and also coming up with some concrete ideas for the 2015 campaign and provide advocacy tools for year-round use, including: national publicity outreach, reaching a larger international audience, ideas for infographics and social media campaigns, talking points, and UP Week events. Members of the task force will be on hand to talk about what our plans are so far for UP Week 2015 and to facilitate a lively discussion of advocacy in action.


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